I just remembered you’ll need this beauty in order to run

I like to use IDL to make nicely formatted tables or listings of data to drop into, say, latex or other software. One of my pet peeves in IDL is that the numbers always give a large number of digits, and there are leading spaces. So, a while back I wrote to take care of this. It’s very handy!

e.g. if x = 5.43961

print, trim(x,2) yields 5.44 (it rounds, rather than truncates)

you can find it here.



Hubble Profile Script

Here’s a useful little script I wrote in IDL. It allows you to send it 2 arrays (x and y data) and then you can plot the data, and fit it with a Hubble profile:

y = I * (1 + x/r_c)^(-a)

where I, r_c and a are constants representing the vertical scaling, the core radius and the exponent of decline, respectively.

It’s interactive, and allows you to adjust parameters and re-fit on the fly.

Click here to download it.